Malifaux, Neverborn vs. Outcasts, 50ss

Oggi mi son incontrato con un amico per giocare a Malifaux, prima partita che riesco a giocare in questo mese :)
Non farò un vero e proprio battle report perché non ho dettagli e foto di ogni turno (ero impeganto a giocare ^^) ma posterò una gallery di foto con commenti.
Today I met with a friend to play Malifaux, first game I manage to play this month :)
I will not write a true battle report because I do not have details and photos of each round but will post a gallery of photos with comments instead.

Cominciamo con la mia Crew:
Let’s start with my Crew list:

Neverborn Crew

Jakob Lynch (The Rising Sun), Hungering Darkness (Fears Given Form), 2x Illuminated, Depleted, Beckoner, Mr. Graves, Angel Eyes (Strange Alliances).

Non ho la lista del mio amico, ma usava Von Schill con Hannah e la Student of Conflict come Totem.
Don’t have friend’s list, but he was using Von Schill with Hannah and Student of Conflict as Totem.

Strategy: Reconnoiter ; Schemes: A Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Take Prisoner, Plant Explosives.
Ho scelto Bodyguard (Angel Eyes) e Take Prisoner (Von Schill).
I chose Bodyguard (Angel Eyes) and Take Prisoner (Von Schill).

Questo il setup del tavolo:
Table setup:

Malifaux - table setup

La maggior parte degli elementi scenici sono in cartoncino. Molto economici ma una volta sul tavolo rendono piuttosto bene.
Most of the terrain elements are p’n’p. Very cheap but once on the table they look nice.

Malifaux battle report

Malifaux battle report

Malifaux - HannahHannah, Librarian e Student of Conflict. Non so chi odio di più (>.<)
Hannah, Librarian and Student of Conflict. Can’t say which one I hate the most (>.<)

Malifaux battle report

Malifaux - hand of cards No, ma bene. Proprio una bella mano…
Yeah, sure. What a great hand…

Malifaux battle report
In alto a destra si notano Huggy, Depleted e un Illuminated già esplosi dal mio avversario. La partita si prospetta tutta in salita…
At the top right Huggy, the Depleted and one Illuminated already disintegrated by my opponent. The game looks uphill …

A questo punto della partita decido di concentrarmi sui punti di Reconnoiter ed eventualmente portare a casa i due Schemi.
At this point of the game I decide play more defensively and focus on scoring points via Reconnoiter and eventually the two Schemes.

Malifaux battle report Ma Huggy ritorna !
Huggy strikes back !

In compenso mi dimentico di rivelare Bodyguard, così al 4° turno niente punti per Angel Eyes…
But I forget to reveal Bodyguard, so no points for Angel Eyes still alive in the 4th round

Malifaux battle report
Siamo alle battute finali. Come ormai è chiaro, il mio avversario ha scelto A Line in the Sand fra i suoi schemi…
Game is almost over. As it’s obvious now, my opponent has A Line in the Sand in his schemes…

Von Schill è un avversario tosto. La sua crew è dura, spara un sacco e lontano, si cura, ha magie con cui farmi saltare Huggy in un paio di attacchi. Davvero un Master molto forte.
Alla fine sono riuscito miracolosamente a pareggiare. In realtà, se non fosse uscito un 12 alla fine del 5° turno, avrei forse anche vinto. Comunque sia andata, mi sono divertito un sacco: ho passato un bel pomeriggio rimuginando strategie, whinando, imprecando, esultando e chiaccherando.
Son contento di aver dovuto lavorare, ma mi era mancato tutto questo :)
Von Schill is a tough opponent. His crew is though, punch a lot of firepower, can heal, and has castings able to blow Huggy in a couple of actions. He’s a very strong Master.
I had eventually managed
to end game in a draw. In fact, if we didn’t flipped a 12 at the end of the 5th round, I might have even won. Whatever the result, I enjoyed the game a lot: I spent a pleasant afternoon mulling strategies, whining, cursing, cheering and chatting.

I cannot complain I had to work a lot in December, but I was missing this :)

2 pensieri su “Malifaux, Neverborn vs. Outcasts, 50ss

  1. Nice report.

    If you’re getting overwhelmed by the Outcast crew, try Luring a choice victim with the Beckoner who has already activated and killing them off early (not Von Schill, Hannah or the Librarian though, due to their high Wp). You can use Lynch or the Beckoner to tag things with Brilliance in case you need to do really big damage with the Illuminated or Hungering Darkness.

    I prefer Endless Hunger over Rising Sun for Hungering Darkness as usually it requires a lot of work to jump through the hoops required to unbury the big tadpole.

    ‘At this point of the game I decide play more defensively and focus on scoring points via Reconnoiter and eventually the two Schemes.’ This should really be the case for the whole game; it is easy and common to get caught up in killing stuff that doesn’t actually impact the result.

    • Thanks mate, I’m still new to M2E so any advice is more than welcome. In fact, I still have some trouble spreading out Brilliance. Love Mr. Graves (Show You The Door is a great ability) but maybe I should drop Angel Eyes and include a second Beckoner…
      Also, very true that (being used to other games) it’s easy to lose the focus in Malifaux, especially if using a killy crew like Lynch’s. I’ve lost games where I murdered almost everything but forgot about S&S ^^; To the other hand, I managed to end in a draw the above game notwithstanding the early heavy losses. Love the game for this. Brainless killing would not lead you anywhere near a victory.


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