Dark Age – Dragyri

Recentemente ho finito alcuni trueborn per la mia banda di Dragyri.
Già che c’ero, ho pure rifinito un po’ gli schiavi che avevo dipinto tempo fa.

Dragyri Ice Caste

Dark Age - Dragyri
Death’s Device e Soul Searcher Ice Caste, Whisper Air Caste.

Dragyri Slaves
Vari schiavi e uno Slave Taskmaster.

Dark Age - Dragyri
Foto di gruppo :)


10 pensieri su “Dark Age – Dragyri

      • So many models and so many games. Dark Age stuff looks great, and I look at some of the models semi-regularly, similar to how I keep eyeing off Warmahordes due to some of the models, but the queue for painting is so huge, let alone my dozens of unplayed games (including WM and H starter sets!)

      • Very true :)
        Warmahordes is one of the ruleset I like the most. Depending on your mindset you’ll have to almost completely ignore the community, but it’s a well thought game, with a great and tight ruleset.

      • I guess that’s the other thing. I don’t have any other (potential) WMH players in my circle of friends right now, while I’m able to “make” my own 40k players since I have the painted forces ready to go and the rules are easy enough to teach.

      • That’s exactly what I do with Dark Age. Game is unknown in Italy and there are zero players. But rules are very tight and streamlined, so I can teach them to friends and have them ready to play in minutes.
        I currently own models from three factions, with various sub-factions options, so I also have plenty of variety.
        Really a neat game, it would deserve to be more popular.

  1. They look terrific.

    Following on from Azazel’s comments, what is so great about the ruleset? I’ve heard very little about the game (as far as I know there are no big communities in Scotland playing it). Could you ‘sell’ it to me?

    • Well, this game is “fun”. Genuinely fun. This is the main aspect I love in it. When I first had read the rules (by the way: they are free) I thought “whatever” because we’re used now that every game must offer something news, something original. Dark Age instead seems very “vanilla”. Then I’ve played it and… I had a blast. Ruleset is very tight and streamlined, game rewards aggressive play like I didn’t see since Warmachine MkII first days, it has an insane mortality rate (true to its tagline “everything dies”). I really, really enjoy playing it. Also, it’s not totally true that it doesn’t have any original point: squadlink is the smarter rule to handle squads I see in a long time.
      Really, I could not suggest this game more. Totally love it. Too bad that finding models in EU is a pain…


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