Terreni da due soldi: tempietto in rovina

Ho giusto finito un piccolo elemento scenico costruito quasi esclusivamente con polistirene espanso, di quello usato per isolamento.

Small ruined temple model with Undeads

Si tratta di una struttura molto semplice e un po’ irrealistica, come proporzioni, ma se l’avessi fatta più grande avrei avuto meno occasioni per usarla, così com’è posso metterla sia al centro del tavolo che in una posizione più periferica. Penso quindi che la utilizzerò più spesso.


4 pensieri su “Terreni da due soldi: tempietto in rovina

  1. It’s a simple piece, but it’s very cool. Sometimes simplicity adds to the piece, and I think this case is one of them. If you wanted to make it “bigger” you could make some additional structures that can be placed side by side, as a series of semi-modular pieces.

    • Thanks. Love the idea of making it part of something bigger and “modular”, thanks for the suggestion! Originally, I planned it twice as big in both directions, but since it’s basically a wide open area, it would had be no much different from a large hill. I thought on adding rubble inside to provide cover, of course, but the main problem remained: it would had dominated the table, limiting the distribution of other elements (I mostly play skirmish games on 90×90 tables). So, even if I had already started building it, I’ve decided, not without some regret, to cut it to the actual size. Good news is: it’s also easier to store now ;)

  2. Simple and effective! I really like it. From a gaming perspective, adding rubble also creates problems of keeping the miniatures from falling over when placed atop the broken ground. I think the piece you’ve created should work well with many skirmish games.

    • Thanks! Yes, making terrain versatile is always a plus, as storing space is always an issue. I plan to use this in Frostgrave and the new Osprey wargame Broken Legions, if I’ll ever manage to play it (too many games, too little time). Also, since Malifaux architecture is described as a mix of Earth architectural styles, it could work for that, too.


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